Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diwali- Lights of delight.

I remember there used be essays in exam “Your favourite Festivals". I always like to write "Diwali" as my favourite festival. Diwali; the festival of lights. This brings lots of lumination in our life with wealth, knowledge & happiness to the darkness of poverty & sorrow of life. Diwali is one of the most colorful, sacred and loveliest festivals.

It is celebrated once a year with nice joy and enthusiasm throughout the Hindu origin communities around the world. It marks the happy come back of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen years’ exile. It's a pageant of lights and festivities. It comes after twenty days after Dussehra, the Ravan was killed.

Diwali or Deepawali means an arrangement of lamps devoted to the souls of ancestors as it is common believe that this is night when they comes to visit us and bless for our wealth. According to some other believe Lord Kubera, Lord Ganesha & Goddess Laxmi is worshiped in this evening to earn more wealth. 

A number of days before Diwali, houses, buildings, shops and temples are completely cleaned, coloured and adorned with pictures, models and flowers. They give the impression of being as beautiful as a newly, married lady. Beautiful pictures are hung on the walls and everything is tip-top. Fresh foods & sweets are cooked & catered to friends, neighbours & guests. According to some other believe lightening fireworks with family & friends is to facilitate the festival with lights & sounds to keep away bad spirits from our reach.


It brings Fairy lights everywhere! No dark - only lights. The night is transformed into day with lights. Shoppers’-delight shopping is a must for  families; gifts, new clothes & food for the food lovers and stuffers.


Family Reunions take place with pretty lot of people around in house. People are dressed on wealthy garments and roam around with a vacation mood. People exchange greetings and gifts or sweets on this day with Special Diwali Greeting. 

Happy Diwali to all of my friends- It lends charm and delight to our life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What is a healthy job?

Probably, a healthy job is to be one wherever

  • The pressures on agents are in correct relation with their work as per their skills and   resources.
  • And to the number of control they need over and
  • To the support they receive from the colleagues WHO bear on them.

Health isn't simply the absence of sickness or deficiency however a state of complete positive physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, 1986). So, a healthy working atmosphere is wherever, agents get an absence of harmful conditions and an abundance of health-promoting environment.

These could embody continuous assessment of risks to health, convenience} of acceptable information and training on health problems and also the availability of health promoting organisational support practices and structures.

Healthy work surroundings are one during which workers have created health and health promotion a priority and a part of their working lives.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Employee

Best Employee Award

The 8th year celebration of my firm was on 7th of august 2014. There was award ceremony  and the best part is that I didn't get nominated any of the categories other than where my nomination was ; it was the X factor. Let me explain here, what I understand from our office management about the class(category). This section was for those people who are not at all eligible to work in the firm but they have something different or quality be the part. It was really make me astounding that I have nothing in me which can put on the other five categories ; 1.Employee of the year. 2. Best Regularity 3. Best Focused 4. Best Dedicated 5. Best discipline. Is it truth that I have done nothing for the last five years. I was not the one of the linchpins, who were the part of the change in the organization! Again,the criteria was for the last one year not for five years. If I cultivate the professional time frame than it cannot be the only group I should get nominated, but it was. Actually, I never find myself  such denominated ever. With due to respect, I have no regrets towards my firm. I am working here for last 5 years. I have attached with almost more than 10 projects. Sometime I handled sometime and handled too. I given my best with all of them. I have seen my ups & downs throughout my journey till date. This company had given me every prospect to cultivate my inside talent surprisingly, with some of my hidden talents which I come to know from the project which I have participated. Well, during the function I was just thinking that , I am eligible for the nomination. Alas, I didn't win . The same night I was trying to configured why it happened? Why I was not the choice of management. I was not sure what was the selection criteria and how was I am not the winner. My dedication, regular & focused , I could be the best employee. 

After that night next day I was trying to get motivate from any where and I found the quotes below and that what changed my thoughts & make my life better for future.

The secret of getting on the shortlist is doing your best work fearlessly for a long time before you get on the list, and (especially) doing it even if you're not on the list. An anonymous quote.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Live your life

Thinking, what should I share with this world. I read people, I follow people and I want them to do the same. Let me write to share something.

I remember I used to work in a call center, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It was night, we make calls in USA. Those were training days of mine. I was taking calls well enough within 4-5 days. It was Friday, weekend, everybody was tired and excited same as I. Time was approximately 1.30 AM (IST). The calls were automated; I still remember the name, Derrick Johnson, The person whom I was connecting with, I said as I trained to say,

”Hello, Derrick, How are you?”

He replied “As god had kept me!” With that answer I have found him very interesting and his words are still buzzing in my ears. It was gentle voice.

I asked my next question “Is it a right time to talk with you?”

He replied back brilliant, “depends on what you want to say.”

I make a smile that he could listen and then I started my entire speech what I trained to say in all calls,” I am from a XYZ company, and you have been selected, bla bla ba..”. When I stopped, I found no response from the other side. It was soundless on other side. I thought he had hanged up the phone. I took a look on my computer, and found, no he is with me, online. With hesitation I said “Derrick, are you there?” No response observed from other side. Then I approached, “Hello, Hello..Hell..” interruption. And there was a reply with calmness, “You know my friend; I know you are calling from India.”

I was stunt and on thought that how could he understand that? As I have already mentioned him that this call is from California. So, I have to nullify him or I will be on fake mode for him. This will be not good for me. I replied him as I was trained.

“You know Derrick, I’m Indian by birth, but I am working in CA now.” Those silly rebuttals.

“See man! I don’t want to know where you from are or what is your business. The thing only I know is that, I lost my wife yesterday night in a car accident and right now I have arrived from her funeral.” with gentleness in voice he replied back.

I was speechless, But I said him “Sorry to call you Derrick, may god bless you and will pray for your wife’s soul, goodbye.”

This incident shook me down. I couldn’t take calls. My trainer saw me and come towards me and asked me “what happened?”

I told him about my last call. He told me “nothing necessary, that person was saying truth to you, sometime people make harsh excuses like this to avoid our call.” Same things were said by my seniors too.

The weekend was there, I don’t know why Derrick had touched me somewhere in my heart through his low, calm, gentle voice. His voice was very truth to me. There was pain. There was no lie. Entire Sunday night I thought of that incident. Even I thought, how I would react, if a stupid telemarketer calls me on a situation? Will I react so calmly? No never. But he did it.

It was almost 3-4 weeks of that incident. My training period was completed. Last Monday I got confirmation. Again there was Monday, again office, again sleepless nights, again calls, again sales & again targets. It was late night 3.30 am (IST). I was on my desk and making calls. Suddenly, there was him on other side of phone, the voice I remembered till date.  I look up on computer screen, found yes it was Derrick Johnson.

He asked me after listening me “Are you the same guy who called me up on my Wife’s death day”

He remembered me too. But without any hesitation I said” Yes”.. And that moment I found myself in very bad situation. I thought now Derrick is going to be exaggerating for him to again calling him on phone. I was expecting something very loud & harsh reaction from other side of the phone, as it can annoying for a person to get a call from telemarketer on a such situation he had passed few weeks before. But my assumption was wrong. He asked me very politely “How are you?”

With astonishment and cheer I replied back “I’m fine Derrick “. But I didn’t ask him back the same question as that will be foolishness. But he said “Don’t you want ask me, How I’m now ?”

With astonishment I replied back” Yes sure, how are you?”

He replied as fantastic answer, which I will never forget.

He said “I’m doing well with memories of my wife.”

I remembered, after that we had a long conversion; we used to talk 1-2 days a week. Lot of things I come to know about him.

He was 78 at that time. He loved his wife so much that even after her death he put a extra plate on dinner table and an extra pillow in the bed to feel that she is with him. He try to do everything that makes him feel that he is not in solitude, he is with his wife. His son was in Chicago and Daughter in Maryland. But he didn’t find himself alone. His is happy and will be happy.

He was known to my identity. It was a rule not to share anything with customers but I did as he had become very good friend of mine. He knows everything about my family, my parents, and my friends, almost everything. Sometimes we share everything to somebody who is absolutely unknown to us and that what we did. We have never seen each other physically but we were emotionally attached through the phone, our long distance was actually the best part for us.

 I remembered one day, we were talking about India. He know lot thing about India, about Mahatma Gandhi, Aishwarya Ray, Rabindranath Tagore. He was a retired professor in Literature. And we found the link of same interest.  Than he comes to know that I love to collect currencies. Within few days later he sent me five dollars through post in my office address. I still have those with me.

But unfortunately I lost connect with him as I have to leave the company, I am totally detach with him.His phone was not stored with me. But will remember him forever in my life for his gentleness, calmness & the way he spoke to me. Through him I found how to be happy in every situation in your life. I remembered the last call with him.

He said me very happily “you know, and I am having a girlfriend name Joyce, she is 65. I’m enjoying & living my life.”

A burning desire

Burning Desire
A young man asked Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, the secret of Success. Socrates told the young man to meet him near the river the next morning.
They met.Socrates asked the young man to walk with him toward the river.
When the water got up to their necks, Socrates took the young man by surprise and ducked him into the water. The man struggled to get out but Socrates was strong and kept him under water until he started turning blue.
The young man struggled hard and finally managed to get up. The first thing he did was to gasp and take a deep breath.
Socrates asked, “What did you want the most when you were under the water?”
The man replied “Air”.
Socrates said: “That’s the most secret to success. When you want success as badly as you want air, you will get it. There is no other secret”.

A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishments. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results.