Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Employee

Best Employee Award

The 8th year celebration of my firm was on 7th of august 2014. There was award ceremony  and the best part is that I didn't get nominated any of the categories other than where my nomination was ; it was the X factor. Let me explain here, what I understand from our office management about the class(category). This section was for those people who are not at all eligible to work in the firm but they have something different or quality be the part. It was really make me astounding that I have nothing in me which can put on the other five categories ; 1.Employee of the year. 2. Best Regularity 3. Best Focused 4. Best Dedicated 5. Best discipline. Is it truth that I have done nothing for the last five years. I was not the one of the linchpins, who were the part of the change in the organization! Again,the criteria was for the last one year not for five years. If I cultivate the professional time frame than it cannot be the only group I should get nominated, but it was. Actually, I never find myself  such denominated ever. With due to respect, I have no regrets towards my firm. I am working here for last 5 years. I have attached with almost more than 10 projects. Sometime I handled sometime and handled too. I given my best with all of them. I have seen my ups & downs throughout my journey till date. This company had given me every prospect to cultivate my inside talent surprisingly, with some of my hidden talents which I come to know from the project which I have participated. Well, during the function I was just thinking that , I am eligible for the nomination. Alas, I didn't win . The same night I was trying to configured why it happened? Why I was not the choice of management. I was not sure what was the selection criteria and how was I am not the winner. My dedication, regular & focused , I could be the best employee. 

After that night next day I was trying to get motivate from any where and I found the quotes below and that what changed my thoughts & make my life better for future.

The secret of getting on the shortlist is doing your best work fearlessly for a long time before you get on the list, and (especially) doing it even if you're not on the list. An anonymous quote.